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Services for students

  • Rooms for students
    There are triple rooms with shared bathrooms situated off the hallways. Every student has his/her own bed with storage space, pillow, quilt, bed linen and bedspread, wardrobe (hangers are not supplied), desk, shelf and lamp.

  • Internet connection in rooms

  • Bathroom facilities
    Bathrooms are shared and situated off the hallways. Bathroom facilities for male and female residents are situated on alternate floors. As one enters the bathroom, there are toilets on one side and washrooms with showers and sinks on the other. Toilet paper, soap and towels are not provided.

  • Kitchens
    Kitchens equipped with electric stoves and crockery cupboards are available to students on each floor. Each kitchen is furnished with one cupboard, which is marked with a room number. The keys for the cabinets can be collected from the Head of Operations; they must be signed for. When moving out, it is necessary to return the cupboard to its original state (i.e. empty it and clean it properly) and show it to the housekeeping staff for inspection. Every student is required to maintain the kitchens in an orderly and clean state.

  • Laundry storage room
    Located in the basement of Building B. Students can exchange their borrowed dirty bed linen for clean linen. Dates for the linen exchange are posted at the reception desk.

  • Laundry rooms
    A total of three laundry rooms are available to students in the basement of Buildings A and B. The keys to the laundry room can be rented for 12 hours with a residence card and payment of a 50 CZK deposit at the reception desk of the halls of residence. The 50 CZK deposit is used as a penalty for late return of keys.

  • Study room
    For a quiet place to study, students can use a study room located on the 1st floor of Building A. The keys to the study can be borrowed from the reception desk; you will need to show your residence card.

  • PC room
    Situated on the 1st floor of Building B. The room is locked and unlocked by a janitor. Entry is only possible with an ISIC card.
    Opening hours: daily 6 am – 12 pm, except Tuesdays, when the room is open from 8 am – 12 pm due to cleaning.

  • TV rooms
    Located on the 2nd floor of Buildings A and B and equipped with comfortable chairs. The TV Room in Building A also includes a DVD player. Keys can be borrowed at the reception desk of the halls of residence; you will need to show your residence card.

  • Fitness room
    Equipped with exercise bikes, a treadmill, dumbbells and other exercise equipment. While exercising you can use the music tower and listen to your favourite music. The fitness room is located in the basement of Building A. The key can be borrowed with a residence card at the front desk of the halls of residence. Any defects must be reported at the front desk.

  • Table tennis rooms
    Situated in the basement of Building A. The key can be borrowed with a residence card at the front desk of the halls of residence. Appropriate equipment, such as rackets and balls, is available for rental.

  • Pianos
    Pianos in the basement of Building A are available to students of music-related degree programmes. There are three rooms with a total of five pianos. The keys can be borrowed with a residence card at the reception. The rooms are available daily from 8 am to 10 pm due to the silent night hours rule.

  • Sports area
    A multifunctional sports area that can be used for ball games such as volleyball, foot tennis, soccer, tennis, or badminton. The sports area is located at the site and is open daily from 7 am to 9 pm depending on conditions. There is no fee for accommodated students. The sports area can be opened on request after submission of a residence card to a receptionist. Sporting gear such as balls, tennis balls, rackets, a badminton set, etc. can be rented for a fee of approx. 10-25 CZK at the reception. It is necessary to follow the rules of use for the sports area and adjacent land.

  • Games
    Students accommodated in halls of residence may choose from a number of free board games which are available to borrow at the front desk (a signature will be required). There are approximately 25 board games available (Scrabble, Monopoly, Legion, etc.). The board games are available free of charge, subject to the Lending Rules.

  • Smoking rooms
    Due to the smoking ban in place across the entire campus there are designated smoking rooms for students who want to voluntarily damage their health and yet don’t want to freeze outside while doing so. The smoking rooms are located on the ground floor of Buildings A and B.

  • Student A Club
    Students accommodated in halls of residence can visit the Club, hang out with friends, have a drink, or take part in various events organized by the Students’ Union.

Compliance with regulations, residence rules, and other applicable directives and internal memos is required in all areas of the halls of residence.

We hope you will make use of our offer and we wish you a pleasant stay.

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