Payment of accommodation fee

An accommodation fee is payable for each full calendar month (even in case of vacating during the calendar month) with an exception of the month of moving into the residence where the accommodation fee is payable from the start date.

accommodation fee is payable by the 15th of the month. If the student fails to pay the accommodation fee by the end of the calendar month, a penalty for late payment of the accommodation fee is added to an unpaid fee on the first day of the following month (for more information see Accommodation Agreement).

Account number for establishment of a direct debit order: 17730683/0300 (maintained at ČSOB, a.s.)
IBAN: CZ72 0300 0000 0000 1773 0683


  • Neither a specific nor a variable symbol is filled out on the direct debit order
  • Account number, which is used to establish a direct debit order, must be included with your name on the University of Ostrava Portal!

In the event of an extraordinary payment of an accommodation fee using a single bank transfer order or a money order and in order to correctly assign the payment with your name please remember to include:

Variable symbol: 85993301
Specific symbol for payments: can be found on UO Portal upon Login – go to My Page – Personal Information.

Updated: 26. 07. 2023