Vacating halls of residence

The student must submit a written Request for Termination of the Accommodation to the Residence Office by the 15th day of the month, in which the student plans to terminate his/her accommodation. He/she then moves out of the residence on the last working day of the month. A student vacates the room in person, during working days and office hours.

When moving out the students must submit the following to housekeeping:

  • Tidy room with furniture moved back to its original location
  • Emptied and cleaned wardrobe, bed, desk, etc.
  • Mopped floor in the room (even behind a bed and a desk)
  • Defrosted and clean refrigerator (defrosting must be started the day before!)
  • Emptied and washed kitchen cabinet
  • Student returns borrowed linens to a maid

A student hands in a vacate ticket signed by housekeeping, a residence card, and a key back to the Head of Accommodation Operations in the Residence Office.

Updated: 27. 07. 2023