Vysokoškolské koleje Jana Opletala
Ostravská univerzita
Kranichova 8/1433
710 00 Ostrava - Slezská Ostrava
Czech Republic

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About J. Opletal Halls of Residence

The University of Ostrava Halls of Residence is one of the city’s smaller dormitories with an accommodation capacity of 514 students. The dormitory is located in the district of Slezská Ostrava. The centre of the city is approximately 5 minutes by trolleybus or 10 minutes on foot from the dormitory.

Accommodation for students:
J. Opletal Halls of residence offer triple rooms with shared bathrooms off the hallways.

Accommodation for the public:
Double rooms with a private bathroom, or double rooms without a bathroom. Accommodation is available during holiday months for students, non-students and organized events.

Catering services:
There is a buffet on the campus that offers a hot breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as a small selection of groceries and drugstore items for purchase.

Free parking on campus, multifunctional sports area, fitness centre, multi-purpose classroom.

There is a beautiful view of the city of Ostrava from the halls of residence.

The Ostrava zoo, the Landek Mining Museum, a shopping centre and several restaurants are located near the halls of residence.

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